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#GradInTech: Learning about the intricacies of the tech industry

Alan Lim, a university recruiter at Indeed Singapore, knows how daunting opportunities in tech can seem. Enter the #GradInTech series of events to help students navigate the challenges of securing that first big career step.

Alan Lim, a university recruiter at Indeed Singapore, knows how daunting opportunities in tech can seem, and so built the #GradInTech series of events to help students navigate the challenges of securing that first big career step.

At Indeed, we pride ourselves on Helping People Get Jobs. It certainly isn’t an easy path and we acknowledge it takes a whole lot of effort to find that job which suits your skills and interests, especially one that matches your career aspirations.

The most common questions I come across as a university recruiter is how do students know if this job is for them. 

Everyone has an ideal type of job but there isn’t a sure fire way to know exactly what is right for you. That is why I came up with #GradInTech.

#GradInTech is a series of webinars designed to help individuals understand more about various aspects of working in the tech industry, be it for interviewing or finding more about the jobs to diversity within the industry. We kicked off with a workshop addressing the most common hurdles, a technical interview.

A technical interview is amongst the most challenging parts of getting a job in the tech industry. 

Often, candidates come up to me telling me about how unprepared they are for an interview, not knowing what to expect and where they can find resources to prepare for one.

In this workshop, we touched on topics like how engineering teams are structured within Indeed, ways to prepare for an engineering interview, where to focus for whiteboard exercises and the best part, first hand tips on how to prepare for Indeed’s interviews.

While interviewing is a huge part of the job search journey, there is also the path to finding what kind of jobs are suitable for you. 

During #GradInTech, we dove into the world of being a software engineer, a Marketo specialist and an UX Designer. Each Indeedian shared their career journey, the work that they do on a day to day basis, challenges they face and ultimately, why they chose to work with Indeed.

Starting your first job would no doubt be nerve wrecking and we all have had the same experience at one point or another. In the webinar ‘Your First Step’ (linked below), four of our graduate hires from 2019 spoke about their experience on how they coped with the first few months at work, the doubts they had and how they ultimately overcame the difficulties. 

Aside from finding out how you can cope with your first job, there are also questions about how they can excel in their career and move up the management level.

We invited guest panelists in various stages of their software engineering and marketing professions across the business to talk about their career journey and how their decisions have shaped their growth. Below is the session with senior software engineers!

Last but not least, ending the #GradInTech Series was a panel discussion about diversity within the tech industry. There has always been the impression of how the industry was mainly male-dominated. 

In recent years, the landscape has changed fairly and we are seeing a more diverse pool of applicants. We had the pleasure to have with us female Indeedians from different teams who chose a career in the tech industry and how the landscape has changed since then.

Check out all of the webinars for #GradInTech below:

To learn more about how Indeed supports interns and graduate hires, read our University blog here. You can also read more about life #insideindeed on our culture blog



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Navigating an Internship through a pandemic

Due to Covid-19, Indeed had to make big adjustments to accommodate our employees working from home. We spoke with two of our Site Reliability Engineer Interns, and heard what they had to say about their remote internship experience. 

Due to Covid-19, Indeed had to make big adjustments to accommodate our employees working from home. This included our newly onboarded Tech Interns across our offices in EMEA. We spoke with two of our Site Reliability Engineer Interns, and hears what they had to say about their remote internship experience. 

“I thought the company on-boarding was perfect. I met a lot of the team and had 1:1 meetings explaining a lot of the technology that was used at Indeed,” Enda Kenneally, a Business Intelligence Analyst intern based in Indeed Dublin, said. 

Enda Kenneally

He added he was able to quickly understand the processes and technology used at Indeed, which meant he could get started on work within the first couple of weeks.

“Support from my team was also excellent,” he said. “Working from home was a new experience for everyone, and dealing with an intern while doing this must have been a strange experience for the team. Despite this, a lot of the people that I met at Indeed were more than happy to help me with whatever I needed which was greatly appreciated!”

David Motyer, another Business Intelligence Analyst intern also based in Indeed Dublin, shared similar sentiments. 

The onboarding for me was very seamless and efficient. From getting sent all my equipment the week before I started, to the onboarding sessions and training,” David said. “My calendar already had all my onboarding and training zoom calls laid out and made it very easy for me to prepare for the week and know what to expect.”

David Motyer

David also found the daily meetings he had with the Dublin team members and individual one on ones with either a team member, manager or mentor helped him feel a part of the team very quickly, and felt that they treated him more like a full time analyst, rather than just an intern.  

I definitely recommend having frequent meetings if you are working remotely, as it settled me and it’s valuable for making connections with other team members,” he shared. 

For Enda, the regular meetings helped him stay caught up with projects he was involved in.

This helped me feel more involved in what was going on with the team,” he said. “Whenever I had a question that needed to be answered, or a problem that needed to be solved, anyone I asked on the team was more than willing to help me.”

David added attending the regular company virtual town halls and Q&A sessions with senior leadership members like Indeed CEO Chris Hyams and COO Dave O’Neill were very valuable.

The Q&As with Chris and Dave kept me in the loop regarding the company’s next steps during the pandemic. In general I felt I was always up to date and knew what was going on,” he said. 

First day of summer interns in 2019 in Dublin

Indeed is delighted to be able to provide this top experience for our interns. It is important that their experience remained at the same high level of experience of previous interns and with the support from onboarding, training and managers we were able to achieve this. Indeed is committed to our Internship program and invest in them like full time employees. 

To learn more about our internship program, click here



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One year and counting: From fresh grad to software engineer at Indeed

Join Jiayee Lim, a software engineer based in Indeed Singapore, as she reflects on her first year at Indeed.

Jiayee Lim, a software engineer based in Indeed Singapore, reflects on her first year at Indeed.

It has been a year since I joined my first team at Indeed. I am now a software engineer in the International Employer Engagement team, helping employers help people get jobs! But when I started at Indeed a year ago, I joined through the New College Graduate (NCG) program in Singapore.

I’m doing great now but my first few months at Indeed sure wasn’t a walk in the park. 

Jiayee’s set up on her first day at the Indeed office

There are many clever development tools and integrations at Indeed, and it took me a while to gain sufficient exposure to them. I am still learning about them now as we speak. In addition, both my team and teammates were new.

Read more: New college graduate bootcamp; Building products the Indeed way

In our first few months at Indeed, we had to deliver our products while learning how to work together and establishing team processes which can optimise our productivity.

We also had to familiarise ourselves with the various support teams in Indeed so that we can focus more on our products. It wasn’t easy but we made it.

Jiayee with the International Employer Engagement team

Some of our notable projects included automating personalised email marketing campaigns through data pipelines and accelerating the localisation of emails through my team’s email localisation manager platform.

Our next challenge is to remove ourselves from the data pipeline by enabling marketers and product analysts to build and run personalised campaigns through a user interface. My team and I are motivated to make personalisation of experiences for customers accessible to Indeedians.


A unique hosting opportunity

In addition to my duties as a software engineer, I am now also a host of ‘Demos, Demos Demos’ – or Demos^3 for short – for the Singapore office.

Plate of homemade tacos

In a nutshell, Demos^3 is a platform for knowledge sharing which is open to all Indeedians… anyone can share anything they have learned or find interesting and want to share. Past presentations ranged from demonstrating prototypes, running through product decks, code deep dives to saving money on electricity and even a live cooking demonstration on how to make tortillas.

Currently, with all Indeedians working from home, we have been hosting a joint Demos^3 with the Hyderabad, Singapore and Tokyo offices.

It has been an enjoyable experience as we now get to see a greater variety of demos and we get to understand what Indeedians from the other offices have been working on.

Although there are more participants to manage, we also have more hosts from the different offices so when one of us is unavailable, someone else can take over.

Adapting to becoming a full time engineer

I believe that the skills I honed while in college and my past internship experiences were key to helping me learn and adapt to the work at Indeed. 

In college, I was expected to take charge of our learning so I had to be independent and resourceful; during my internships, I learnt to communicate with my team and work together to deliver software products. To me, both of these experiences have helped me with my role at Indeed.

The past year of working at Indeed is rewarding, as I get to ease people’s (job seekers, employers and even Indeedians!) lives through technology, get involved with activities and initiatives in my office (e.g. Demos^3, Hackathon, etc.) and am recognised for my contributions.

Participants of Indeed’s virtual Summer Hackathon 2020

Looking forward, in my next year with Indeed, I hope to be one of the main driving forces in bringing my team’s projects to fruition, benefitting Indeedians and employers who hire through Indeed.

For any young engineers or fresh graduates looking to join the industry, my biggest piece of advice for them is to stay motivated, strive to improve and to always pursue their passion. It is important to derive meaning and satisfaction from a job so that we are more than willing to deliver our best and grow to become better employees and contributors to society.

To learn more about our Engineering work, click here, and you can find our University blog here. Interested to find out more about Indeed Singapore? We’ve got you covered.



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A Year in Austin: One graduate’s journey from Singapore to Texas

Clarence Chee is a software engineer. He started his Indeed career in Singapore, and is currently in Austin, Texas since January 2020 for a year-long rotation. 

Clarence Chee is a software engineer. He started his Indeed career in Singapore, and is currently in Austin, Texas since January 2020 for a year-long rotation. 

I’m currently working in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) Growth organization, specifically, the SMB Spender Team where we primarily manage the job posting and sponsorship funnel for SMBs worldwide. 

Our mission is to enable SMBs to quickly create high quality job listings which effectively attract qualified candidates for a clear and transparent price.

The SMB Spender team comprises a promotions team which I am a part of, where we build, experiment, and iterate, upon promotional offers regarding SMB job sponsorships. My general day to day involves building, optimizing, and maintaining fullstack products for the team.

I joined Indeed through the New College Graduate (NCG) program in July 2019, and have received a lot of support throughout the journey so far at Indeed. What’s great here is that Ideas are solely valued for what they are – a newcomer has the potential to contribute just as much as a full timer, which feels quite empowering.

As part of the first NCG cohort, we were split into two groups, working on separate projects. Through friendly competition and challenges, the two groups were working towards the end goal of being picked to spend a year working at our Indeed head office in Austin, Texas. 

Clarence, third from right, with this NCG cohort at the Indeed Singapore office

Quite frankly, when I found out my team had “won”, I was initially in disbelief because the other talented participants did very well too; I was not expecting to pull out ahead. (Well, we did only barely win so my disbelief makes some sense!)

I was excited to relocate to Austin in January this year because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and experience what it’s like working at the headquarters of a large tech company, and then contrasting that with how it’s like at a smaller office like Singapore.

I am pretty accustomed to working in the states due to my prior experience working in the Bay Area for a similar duration. 

However, what I was not expecting was the whole pandemic situation. 

Being able to work from our Austin office has been great in learning how things work at scale from a different organization than what we have in Singapore.

Largely, I would say the culture at Indeed is pretty homogenous, even across different continents, but being able to contrast this domain knowledge against how things are done in other Indeed organizations can reduce the friction that might often come with cross-organization work.

Career aside, the Austin Domain office has utterly ruined my expectations of what an office should be like. 

There’s constantly free food and drinks everywhere, game rooms (game consoles/table tennis/pool tables), baristas, sandwich bars etc. There’s even a full fledged gym in the office which I frequent after hours. One can quite literally live in the Austin office… it’s pretty crazy.

Unfortunately though, Indeed moved all employees to work from home in March this year. Having to work from home, especially in a foreign land where your usual support structures like family and friends are missing, can be quite interesting.

Regular exercise is shown to be extremely beneficial in a time like this, so I generally try to do that as much as possible. Also, I am constantly trying to make the most out of my time here, doing all the usual touristy stuff, experiencing Austin and Texas in general, while staying safe from the virus whenever I can.

Clarence at Big Bend National Park, about six hours out of Austin

That said – and I know this sounds cheesy – but being away from home does make me miss my family, friends, and my girlfriend. 

I guess when you’re sort of away from home for a long time, you start to appreciate the things that you take for granted in Singapore – like good cheap food anytime, anywhere; functional public transport; safety etc.

Also, being in the Austin office may be nice and all, but sometimes I miss the smaller, closer knit community the Singapore office had, which just felt cozier to some extent.


It’s nice being able to see familiar faces everyday, which is quite a rarity in the Austin office where you see completely new faces almost everyday.

Even though I started as a new grad and am now a software developer in the SMB organization, I think one thing that has helped me is having a general curiosity about how things work and having the drive to see things through; it can go a long way. 

Especially in software engineering, finding a healthy balance between being a pragmatist and a purist, can help in making better, quicker decisions in the long run.

For anyone who is starting out in their engineering career, at this experience level, I think they should try to look for ways to display leadership potential, since that’s the next step up after joining as an NCG – a tech lead. 

I think most engineers at Indeed already do this, but try to “own” the products that you build rather than just getting things done. This means constantly thinking of ways to be futureproof, and responding to product issues/bugs as a first responder with executable action items or solutions. 

Engineers with this experience level at Indeed are probably also fresh college graduates who did very well in school, so I would say it’s important to drop the ego and always listen and value ideas no matter where they come from. 

I also think it’s worth keeping yourself up to date with software engineering news in general by reading engineering articles/blogs about how different companies solve problems, and doing some light reading about engineering technologies after hours.

To learn more about Indeed’s New College Graduate program, click here



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A look back: 2019/2020 University Recruiting events with Indeed Dublin

Recapping a year like no other with the University Recruiting team at Indeed in Dublin
People in Indeed shirts pose near a sign

Indeed visiting University College Cork

Recapping a year like no other

This has certainly been a year like no other and with restrictions, social distancing and adhering to government guidelines, as a University Recruiting team, we’ve had to revise and adjust our university engagement activities more than ever before.

As we move into a new academic season, it has been important to look back and take stock of the exciting events we ran this past year but also the new challenges we faced.  

As the University College Cork NetSoc sponsor, we were really excited to visit the campus back in February and meet, not only the members, but also the NetSoc Management Committee, a team of driven and passionate students who dedicate so much of their time to the society’s success.

While there, it was truly humbling to hear them express the importance of their partnership with Indeed and what it meant to them. Colm, a Site Reliability Engineer II at Indeed and UCC alumnus, ran a tech talk offering tips on code reviews, communication tools and engineering team structures gained from his own personal experiences. 

Hear Colm talk about being an SRE at Indeed in this video.

College Students codingFollowing on from the talk, we ran a Coding Competition for students and awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Let’s not forget the pizza, sweets and drinks we also enjoyed in order to keep sugar levels high for the competition.

A couple of months later, we were delighted to hear that our event in partnership with NetSoc was nominated for the ‘Best Social Event’ at the UCC Society Awards!

One of the first events we took part in for the 2019/2020 university recruiting season was in collaboration with our Job Squad volunteers. Indeed’s Job Squad program engages employees to help bring our mission of “Helping People Get Jobs” to life in the communities where we work.

As part of the program, Job Squad volunteers educate job seekers on how to use Indeed to find their next job opportunity through partnerships with unemployment centres, universities and other groups. We accepted an invitation from the Trinity College Business School to present to their post grad students and our university recruiting team as well as Job Squad collaborated on this event.

As part of the talk, our team ran a live demo exploring the Indeed platform, showing students how to optimise their job search as well as running 1 on 1 resume review sessions after the presentation. It was an incredibly worthwhile experience and one we plan to move online and in partnership with other Irish universities over the next few months.

We frequently host student visits to our Indeed office in Dublin and earlier this year we were thrilled when students from the EDHEC Business School in France came to Ireland as part of their Career Trek and took time to pop into us. The visit included a tour of our building, including our rooftop terrace overlooking the River Liffey and presentations from members of our Sales and Recruitment teams. 

Since Covid-19 and in the interest of health and safety for our employees, we’ve been working from home since March, limiting our ability to host these kinds of visits. Thankfully, we have been able to pivot to online talks thanks to our dedicated IT Team who have been a huge support in organising webinars so that we can remain connected to students.

We held a webinar with students from Euridis Business School in September sharing personal stories of the highs and lows of working from home as well as how we’ve overcome many challenges and how our work has adapted to these new circumstances. 

Despite the talk being online, students are still able to experience what our office environment is like by watching this fantastic video of our new office opening earlier this year


We look forward to running similar online talks over the coming months and reaching a wider group of students we may not have otherwise had an opportunity to meet.





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