University Recruiting at Indeed

Indeed hires top talent from universities around the world, offering career opportunities to undergraduates and advanced-degree students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Caroline jumping in the air


Director, Global University Recruiting

College: Texas State University (eat um up cats)

Major: Marketing

Why did you choose Indeed?

“I had a friend that worked here and really appreciated the mission and the ability to make an impact.”

Denise headshot


University Recruiter, Dublin

College: National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Major: Business Management

Why did you choose Indeed?

“A friend of mine worked at Indeed for a couple of years and always had positive things to say about the company mission and how well employees were treated. It was obvious from my recruitment process that the candidate experience was critically important to everyone involved and that’s when I knew for certain, this is where I wanted to be.”

Jacqueline headshot


University Recruiter, Dublin

College: Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway, Ireland

Major: Human Resources

Why did you choose Indeed?

“It’s important for me to work at a company where I am proud of the brand. Indeed was a site I used and I was impressed with the user experience as a job seeker and as a recruiter. Along with the brand, the culture has a start up feel which I really like. I have the chance to create new processes and build on existing processes.”

Jill headshot


University Recruiter, Midwest

College: University of Iowa

Major: Marketing and Management

Why did you choose Indeed?

“After moving to a few different states after graduation, I relied heavily on using Indeed to help me find a job. I also interacted with a few teams at Indeed in my recruiting role in California and was really impressed with the company. I knew it would be a great place to work!”

Steve headshot


University Recruiter, West Coast

College: Ithaca College

Major: Cinema and Photography (Screenwriting Concentration)

Why did you choose Indeed?

“I know firsthand how frustrating and difficult finding a job can be. To work for a company that supports and advocates for job seekers, especially students, is something I couldn't be more excited about.”

Dominic headshot


University Recruiting Team Lead, Austin

College: Whittier College

Major: English

Why did you choose Indeed?

“The majority of my professional career has centered on helping university students find jobs. When I moved to Austin and saw that Indeed was headquartered here, I knew it was kismet. I love that I come to work everyday and get to interact with students helping them find jobs!”

Christina headshot


University Recruiter, East Coast

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Human Development

Why did you choose Indeed?

"I chose to work for Indeed because of the culture and because of the people. I never felt so at home and welcomed than when I walked into Indeed. The open collaborative atmosphere really made an impact on my decision and I am so happy I chose Indeed and Indeed chose me!"

Alan staring up at the sky


University Recruiter, Singapore

College: National University of Singapore

Major: Chemistry

Why did you choose Indeed?

“It is an exciting time, especially when the company is growing at such a speed. The challenges I'll be facing in taking up my current role is really very exciting and I look forward to hitting my targets!”

Angad headshot


University Recruiter, India

College: Badruka College of Management (MBA)

Major: Marketing

Why did you choose Indeed?

“I have been following Indeed's culture, work ethics, and growth for a long time and I truly believe it's unique and effective in every way. As a campus recruiter, I am a part of Indeed's history by hiring the best talent in campus across India and contributing to Indeed's mission to help people get jobs!”

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